I 100% wish I could afford to move to Manchester this summer. That’d be fucking awesome. I literally know no one in Carlisle. Plus I’m sick of this place!

And sometimes I look at couples and think “ok YOU got a boyfriend?! For serious when is it my turn?!”

Sometimes I’m like “yo hey I want a boyfriend” other times I’m like “whoa, no, someone just come and have sex with me and shit”

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Anonymous asked: I think you should blank out the names and faces of guys on your other blog.

Where’s the fun in that? Maybe it’ll teach guys not to be such fucking arseholes.

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No one really talks to me on here much anymore. If I follow you, come and be my frienddddd talk to me, especially if you are an attractive male I can stare at!


Jesus take the wheel.

This is from my other blog but I thought I’d reblog it onto here, why do guys think it’s ok to do this, fucking stop it for the love of god. I’ve known this guy for maybe a year? And he’s said things like this to me several times, ughhhh good lord.


i want kisses and maybe a little bit of rough sex 

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